E-Learning | Learning Management Software

E-learning is learning that is facilitated by the use of digital tools and content. Typically, it involves some form of interactivity, which may include online interaction between the learner and their teacher or peers.

  • Be Online Inc. has been providing interactive online training since 1999
    The BOI Course Authoring System is a culmination of more than 10 years experience in the online training industry.
     learning management system software
  • Be Online Inc's Learning Management System (LMS) is designed and hosted locally.
    Since the system is locally hosted and developed, customization and support are easy and reliable.
  • Be Online Inc's courses are interactive and customizable.
    The BOI E-Learning Course Authoring System allows you to include text, audio, video, images, diagrams, electronic flash cards, animations, online quizzes and exams.  These interactive features keep the course user involved in the learning and have been proven to aid in information retention.
  • Be Online Inc. has solutions to deliver online course access to your group or sell access to courses online.
    The proprietary BOI Content Management System makes it quick and easy to begin offering courses to members online or selling course access through the online shopping cart system.